Dispelling Dangerous Change Management Myths

Adapting to new market conditions and ever-changing customer demands is dependent on your organization’s ability to manage change on a continuous basis. 

However, many organizations are hindered by some enduring — and highly damaging — myths and misunderstandings surrounding change management. To dispel these myths and help you navigate the changing field of change management, we’ve put together a brand new white paper:

Has Everything Changed About Change Management?

Read the full white paper to learn:

  • How to avoid forcing change initiatives from the top down which backs people into a corner and dooms change initiatives to failure — but is still used by organizations all over the world.
  • Where your organization falls on the spectrum of change management awareness, and what activities you can initiate to improve awareness over time.
  • What’s changing about change management, and the new factors your organization must consider to successfully respond to the rising velocity of change initiatives.
  • The impact of change management on traditional project management roles, and what it means for the modern PMO.
  • Five change management tools your organization can use to effectively manage, foster, and embed change initiatives.