Do Negative Emotions Sabotage your Change Initiatives?

Change initiatives are crucial — but they aren’t always perceived that way by those affected. For every enthusiastic change adopter, there’s at least one (and often many more) who complains, ignores, or may even try to sabotage your initiative.

To help you navigate the emotional ups and downs of change management — and successfully embed new change initiatives — we’ve put together a brand new white paper:

Motivation, Behavior, and Change Management

Read the full white paper to learn:

  • How to think about the change lifecycle, and what leaders can do to encourage people to abandon old, outdated practices and adopt new habits and behaviors.
  • The emotional journey people go through during a change initiative and how it affects their motivation, job satisfaction, and self esteem.
  • How to address different emotions — including learning anxiety — and convince people your change project is necessary, beneficial, and practical.
  • Why understanding peoples’ learning styles and personality types is crucial to successfully enact, embed, and maintain change.
  • The three types of resistance you’ll face in most change initiatives and how to address them before they cause serious damage.