Your business doesn’t need to be told it needs to change – dealing with change is at the top of mind every day. You’re determined to be more responsive, to adapt and prosper in the face of changing market conditions and unrelenting competitive pressures.

PMOs are experts at execution and know how to deliver what your business needs. To drive organizational change, you’ll need to work more closely with your business partners -- with support from IT -- to identify and deliver solutions to business problems at a much faster pace. This requires a growth mindset, a shift to a new, more strategic perspective and agile skills, and a full view of what’s going on across the enterprise - fundamentally, signaling the emergence of the enterprise PMO (EPMO).

Hear Melanie Franklin, Director at Agile Change Management Ltd., share her insights on how strong partnerships between the business, the EPMO and IT transforms your organization into an adaptive one.

In this motivating webinar, you’ll discover:

  • What critical factors are required for your enterprise to become not just agile, but also able to quickly adapt to market demands and maximize success,
  • How the role of technology as an enabler can bridge gaps between traditional and new ways of working, and
  • What essentials are needed for an operational foundation that help provide visibility and drive collaboration across all levels of the organization.
Melanie Franklin
Director, Agile Change Management Ltd.

Melanie Franklin has been responsible for the successful delivery of effective change and for creating environments that support transformational change for over twenty years. Melanie is the Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute UK and is a respected author of text books and articles on change, project and programme management. She is currently overseeing two major transformations - one impacting 200,000 staff and another that has impacted 6,000 staff across 4 continents.
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