Everything you need to know about configuring Clarizen to automate and streamline your processes and/or how build a killer app on Clarizen’s AppsMarketplace

Want to get started with using Clarizen’s advanced and robust configuration engine to streamline your processes but don’t know how to start? Want a full overview of the current state of Clarizen configuration and customization options? Want to participate in our 2015 Appathon and need some prompts to get your creative juices flowing?

Full introduction to Clarizen advanced configuration:

  • Clarizen under the hood: Get a full overview of Clarizen underlying Data Model, naming conventions and how the configuration engine works
  • Examples of simple and advanced workflow ideas: Explore the various options for configurations
  • Walkthrough examples and Resources: Walk through building some widely used workflow processes, pointers to essential resources and where to find answers to your questions when you need.
  • Packaging configurations as Apps: See how to package configuration sets as Apps to share and distribute

Clarizen Panels – Highlights include:

  • Simple and Advanced new visualization options: Tailor Clarizen for different roles within your company by displaying different data and panels relevant to users
  • Apps: Review some of the most recent and sophisticated apps to get a deep understanding of how to freely adapt existing Apps and see how they are built.
  • Intro to Clarizen open APIs: See some of the most advanced ways to access your Clarizen data from outside of Clarizen to integrate with other enterprise systems or 3rd party tools


    David Goulden
    Director, Product

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