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The global pandemic’s impact on our daily work lives will likely be permanent. But that could be a good thing.

Watch our on-demand panel session straight from our virtual living room for what will be an engaging and informative conversation on how companies can apply the lessons we’re all learning today (the hard way) to better support their employees’ preferred workstyles - from both the physical and psychological standpoints.

Our panel of experts will address several questions around what might constitute “business as usual” post-pandemic, including:

  • There’s no lack of engagement when everyone has a purpose. How can we ensure everyone is aligned on the organization’s goals and working together to achieve them, even in the face of great upheaval?
  • Did forcing everyone to work from home help or hurt collaboration and communication? Were parents able to balance work and their new duties as school teacher assistants?
  • Politicians, healthcare professionals and business leaders are receiving praise (and criticism) for their decision-making processes and how they communicate with the public. What lessons can we learn from them?
  • Coping with burnout is a critical issue for professionals in many industries including healthcare, education, IT security and retail. After enduring the stress of working during a pandemic, what can companies do to better address their employees’ psychological well-being?
  • How can senior executives, project managers, department heads and HR reinvigorate company culture?

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Steven T. Hunt, Ph.D.
Chief Expert, Work & Technology, SAP North American Innovation Office Executive Advisor Team

Dr. Hunt’s work focuses on the design and deployment of technology-enabled processes to improve workforce agility, productivity, experience, engagement and well-being. An industrial-organizational psychologist by training, he has played a central role in creating human resource solutions that have positively influenced millions of employees working for thousands of companies around the globe.

David Walters
OnePM System Manager, Siemens Energy

David has a long history of delivering complex systems to the operational community. Most recently as the System Manager for OnePM in Siemens Energy, implementing Clarizen One and Clarizen Go across a newly formed business, as well as designing and managing emergency operations centers for nuclear power plants and tactical weapons systems for nuclear submarines. He also has extensive experience as Crisis Management expert, consulting to nuclear power operators, local, state and federal government agencies and fortune 500 companies.

Mark Bojeun

Dr. Bojeun is the author of “Program Management Leadership: Creating Successful Team Dynamics” and has more than 25 years of experience in providing strategic management and leadership through portfolio, project and program management. His experience includes developing and managing multi-million dollar portfolios, facilitating the achievement of strategic objectives and creating best practice processes for program and project management offices (PMO). Dr. Bojeun is the Director, Program Management at Skyline Technologies Solutions ( and speaks around the globe on leadership, team building, emotional intelligence and program/project management.

Beverly Rubin
VP, Global Human Resources, Clarizen

As VP of Global HR at Clarizen, Bev Rubin leads Human Resources with a purpose that People will give the company its’ competitive advantage. Bev joined Clarizen from Electronics for Imaging Inc., a worldwide leader in digital imaging technologies with 50 offices globally and where she led worldwide HR teams who delivered rapid change through the business resulting in operational efficiencies and attraction and retention of key talent. Prior to EFI, Inc., Bev led the HR Centers for Expertise at Space Systems/Loral, a global leader in delivering next generation spacecraft and communication systems.
Chief Operating Officer, Smarsh

Suzanne is the Chief Operating Officer at Smarsh. In this role, Suzanne is actively working to implement growth strategies and systems for the organization. She is responsible for the strategies and operations that support people, their environment, systems, and their security. Specific departments include Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Workplace Services, Total Rewards, IT, MIS, Info Sec and Legal. She is also responsible for the operationalization of mergers and acquisitions.