During chaotic times, how quickly can you pivot to respond to changing business needs or do you find teams clinging to the existing plan even if it might be outdated?

Enterprise PMOs need visibility across the entire portfolio along with a rigorous approach to optimize and align resources against the organization goals and strategies. This capability becomes even more essential to persevere and thrive in times of rapid change and chaos.

Laura Barnard, Founder and CEO at PMO Strategies takes a closer look at how organizations can shift from a culture that is focused on processes and evolve into one that is outcome-driven and strives to constantly drive higher organizational impact.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate the value each project holds for your organization’s overall mission,
  • Shift from driving one project at a time to improving how projects are executed across your entire organization, and
  • Use data to help you proactively pivot away from risk and course-correct if things do not progress as intended.

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Founder and CEO
PMO Strategies

Laura has been instrumental in bringing PMOs and Project Management to the strategy table for almost two and a half decades. Considered a thought leader in the Project Management community, Laura shares her insights and stories on the PMO Strategies Podcast, where she is shaking up the way the industry thinks about our role in driving strategy realization. Laura welcomes you to join her community of IMPACT Drivers at PMOStrategies.com.