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Today, change is the only constant. Even before the pandemic, businesses were facing challenges requiring them to adapt and evolve at an unprecedented rate. Experts warned of “change fatigue” — but few had time to stop and wonder how to address that problem while the changes rolled on regardless.

Clarizen’s on-demand webinar features Chris Williams of Root Inc, a renowned expert on strategic change and culture transformation. During the webinar, Chris will demystify the process for sustaining change and pass on some of the lessons he’s learned over the last decade about implementing organization-wide change that sticks.

Register for the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Why digital transformation isn’t just about technology, it’s about people and technology — and the intersection between the two.
  • The real reason why organizations struggle to implement continuous change. Hint: it’s not just about “change fatigue”.
  • Why it doesn’t work when leaders simply act as “cheerleaders” for change projects… and what they should do instead.
  • How to think about navigating constant change as opposed to managing change at an individual project level.
  • How to sustain change momentum when the initial burning objective isn’t as apparent.
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Chris Williams
Partner, Root, Inc.

Director of Product Marketing, Clarizen

Mark Bojeun

Dr. Bojeun is the author of “Program Management Leadership: Creating Successful Team Dynamics” and has more than 25 years of experience in providing strategic management and leadership through portfolio, project and program management. His experience includes developing and managing multi-million dollar portfolios, facilitating the achievement of strategic objectives and creating best practice processes for program and project management offices (PMO). Dr. Bojeun is the Director, Program Management at Skyline Technologies Solutions ( and speaks around the globe on leadership, team building, emotional intelligence and program/project management.

Beverly Rubin
VP, Global Human Resources, Clarizen

As VP of Global HR at Clarizen, Bev Rubin leads Human Resources with a purpose that People will give the company its’ competitive advantage. Bev joined Clarizen from Electronics for Imaging Inc., a worldwide leader in digital imaging technologies with 50 offices globally and where she led worldwide HR teams who delivered rapid change through the business resulting in operational efficiencies and attraction and retention of key talent. Prior to EFI, Inc., Bev led the HR Centers for Expertise at Space Systems/Loral, a global leader in delivering next generation spacecraft and communication systems.
Suzanne Rudnitzki
Chief Operating Officer, Smarsh

Suzanne is the Chief Operating Officer at Smarsh. In this role, Suzanne is actively working to implement growth strategies and systems for the organization. She is responsible for the strategies and operations that support people, their environment, systems, and their security. Specific departments include Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Workplace Services, Total Rewards, IT, MIS, Info Sec and Legal. She is also responsible for the operationalization of mergers and acquisitions.