Join us for Clarizen’s 2017 Summer product release to hear about our new financial planning features, plus enhanced usability features—and a brand new way to quickly access Clarizen data.

We’ll reveal how Clarizen now gives you one place to do all financial aspects of the project: Track and plan labor and non-labor costs and along with CAPEX and OPEX by resource.

Join us to also learn a new set of best practices along with our simplified permissions model so you can quickly manage access on a group- or profile-level basis instead of managing it user-by-user.

In addition, we will show you a new way to access Clarizen data faster and easier than ever before. You'll need to attend the webinar to get a first sneak peek!

Product Manager

Principal Solutions Engineer

Amy Hatton
Project Manager Today

Amy Hatton is the Editor of Project Manager Today – the UK’s leading and only independent magazine for the project management sector. She has more than 15 years experience as a project manager, chief executive and non–executive director across the not-for-profit and commercial sectors.