People love to organize things in spreadsheets—and that’s ok. But when you abuse spreadsheets and continue to use them even though you know they are causing work issues, then you may have an unhealthy dependence or even a serious addiction.

In particular, trying to manage projects on them is a recipe for disaster. Here are just some of the issues and reasons why spreadsheets simply don’t work for project management:

  • Poor Visibility: spreadsheets don’t give teams an accurate picture of what’s really going on; making immediate adjustments to scope, budget, schedules and resources isn’t an option.
  • Collaboration Woes: spreadsheets automatically put things in static files, which makes sharing resources, brainstorming strategies or aligning communications a constant struggle.
  • Lack of Governance: with spreadsheets there is no way to effectively and efficiently manage intake, approvals, phase gate deliverables and tracking.

Watch this webinar and discover a better way to manage projects without relying on the limitations of static spreadsheets. From real-time collaboration and automated workflows to full governance and portfolio management, see what a difference a modern project management solution can make.

Spreadsheet addiction can be addressed and resolved. Sign up for our webinar today.

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Amy Hatton
Project Manager Today

Amy Hatton is the Editor of Project Manager Today – the UK’s leading and only independent magazine for the project management sector. She has more than 15 years experience as a project manager, chief executive and non–executive director across the not-for-profit and commercial sectors.