The need to manage change when delivering enterprise-level projects has never been greater. So how can you best enable change to support your company goals?

Managing change is increasingly recognised as an important skill set within project and programme management. How can we realise the benefits from our projects if we don’t understand the psychology of change, and how to lead people from resistance to adoption?

Melanie will outline what’s driving the need for greater change management in today’s enterprise. You will learn the steps for building your skills in this important area. You’ll also discover what effective change managers are doing and how these activities are a critical part of the project lifecycle.

  • How to integrate project and change management
  • Six reasons why change is important
  • What great change management looks like
Author and Co-chair
Change Management Institute
Agile Change

Melanie Franklin has a track record of excellence in project, programme and portfolio planning and delivery. She has set up and run the project management capability for several major corporates and has been responsible for the successful delivery of global transformational change programmes for over twenty years. She is the co-chair of the Change Management Institute in the UK and is a ‘Master’ level change practitioner. Melanie is the author of many books on change and project management including Managing Business Transformation and Agile Change Management.

VP, Corporate Marketing

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