Project execution is becoming more complex than ever. Specialized departmental tools, technology and processes are increasingly sophisticated. Meanwhile the need for cross-functional collaboration has never been greater.

How do you survive, let alone thrive, in this environment?

In this highly engaging webinar well-known project, portfolio and PMO Specialist Andy Jordan, President of Roffensian Consulting Inc., provides some key guidance on how to ensure your organization embraces this complexity successfully. You will also hear from Chris Bates, Clarizen VP of Customer Success, who will share real-world stories on how enterprise companies like yours have addressed the project and collaboration complexity issue.

At this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to drive consistent approaches to collaboration
  • How to align resources, processes and tools for maximum efficiency
  • How real enterprise companies have solved the complexity issue
  • How to implement these approaches for strategic benefits, not just tactical efficiencies
Andy Jordan
Roffensian Consulting Inc.

Chris Bates
VP of Customer Success

Speaker Name
Speaker Name

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